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When truth and information is silenced

It’s not simply just about the entertainment factor lost from the recent ABS-CBN shutdown. It’s not simply because more than 11,000 families have lost their source income in the middle of a pandemic that has crippled the economy, effectively disabling half the population. It’s not that these are not important, it is. It will be important.

However, let us not forget the intended purpose of independent press – that is to provide information to the masses in the most efficient manner, to the most amount of people simultaneously, concisely, precisely, and properly. 

Nobody asked journalists, news casters, and reporters to do their jobs. It is with full intent of serving information to everyone else that they provide their services all the while literally risking their lives considering how the rich and powerful silence truth and information in this country. 

That is what the government has done. The government has silenced our eyes and ears to what it is doing or is trying to do. It has attempted the same with Rappler. It has done so in the past under another dictator. We are now doomed to repeat ourselves 30 years hence.

The responsibility falls on our shoulders now. 

It has become clear that this government will no longer stand for its intended purpose. It has become clear that the government no longer serves the Filipino people.

When the government fails in its duty, it is the responsibility of the media and the journalists to hold the former accountable. Information delivered to the masses in precise, concise, and unbiased manner. Should the media be silenced, fail, or fall to corrupt practices, it falls on the people to hold the seats of power accountable and responsible.

This used to be a hurdle met with great challenge. Thankfully we are empowered with the internet. Tell our story. Inform everyone. Tell the truth. Hold Fast. Hold True.

The government may choose to filter our last line of defense. Best stay vigilant. What do you think will happen when the media is censored? What do you think will happen when information comes from only one source, and that is the oppressor?

All of the wealth of information lies at your fingertips. We have the capabilities to inform everyone, right now, what has happened here. The question now is what will you do with all that power?

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