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etrex Touch 35 Handheld GPS Units

other,Handheld GPS Units Handheld GPS Units

  • Touchscreen - 2.6-inch color, capacitive touchscreen display
  • Activity profiles - easy-to-use navigation for multiple activities, including climb, hike, hunt, bike, geocache, fish and more
  • Electronic compass - all models offer a 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, which shows your heading even when standing still, without holding it level
  • Built-in mapping - all models feature worldwide base map with shaded relief, while the 35t comes preloaded with either topo u.s. 100k or topo Canada maps
  • Barometric altimeter - smart notifications - ant connectivity

etrex Touch 35 etrex Touch 35 etrex Touch 35 etrex Touch 35 etrex Touch 35 etrex Touch 35

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