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HINGA: Art in the digital space

Thrust into a situation where everyone is meant to stay at home, what’s there to do for and with a thesis that’s meant to be shown to the public? Considering also, that art is meant to be physically seen to be appreciated.

That’s what a group of students addressed as their grades were on the line with a planned for an exhibit due a year later.

Enter: Gualbertsan Productions, a ragtag team of six students from Asia Pacific College who started collaborating amid the lockdown to try and address converting their physical space into digitally rendered visual space that hoped to show a glimpse of coping mechanism pieces from each of their expertise. 


What’s there left to do but to render their artwork on a pixelated canvas. 

The group took it a step further and developed a digital walkthrough of the art pieces and had each of the artists a time in the limelight to showcase their work. 

What transpired is a deep dive on the psyche of these artists struggling to be heard from all the negativity that surrounds us.

I went ahead and asked for the stories behind the artworks in the virtual tour above.

ArtistThe Story
Miguel MonasterialAklat ng mga lihim na mukha’ is a depiction of how the artist is surrounded by his concealed emotions which are encased in a “book.” To cope with the times, and every crucifix that is needed to be borne every day, the artist empowers himself by being secluded in his own personal space. He chooses to consume his concealed emotions in ways comparable to reading a book that helps with growth than to be consumed by it, despite being enveloped in darkness.The references used in the artwork are photos of the artist with slight distortions that realize how he perceives himself during his lowest moments.
Aklat ng mga Lihim na Mukha
Acrylic Paint
Patricia PangilinanMorning coffee, plants, podcasts, and painting are just a few of the things how Patricia copes. Living full of uncertainties during this time has made her feel like living inside a box. Filtering the news and taking a break once in a while is a must nor just for her but for everyone. These things give her so much serenity and safety while in quarantine.Too much of something can be very toxic and can affect you greatly if not careful. Finding the balance between finding light during these dark times and educating herself and speaking up in issues we face today helps her get through this unpleasant reality we are living in right now.
Balanced Breakfast
Acrylic Paint
Eloi IgniShe’s In the Room’ is being confined in the uncertainties of this trying times, she is able to see the beauty of nurturing simple things, nourishing as well as growing with them. Having an interest in the unusual, the painting represents the pleasure of peace and growth.
She’s In the Room
Oil Paint
Jay LacadaoWith the use of both traditional and digital art, the artist delineates his perspective of dealing with sorrowful events. Digital art is seen as a representation of the online gaming world that serves as a distraction from the unpleasant reality that he and his friends use as an escape.On the other hand, traditional art is seen as a feeling of being wretched, in line with the context of the pandemic that the world is facing right now.
Into the Realm
Mixed Media Art
Clarissa LorenzoNew normal’ will be focusing on how the artist deals with the grim reality she is in. She will share her experiences and find ways on how to cope with anxiety and stress while stuck at home.Especially at times like this, life is filled with uncertainty. Our mindset is key to coping with difficult circumstances and facing the unknown even when there are many things that remain outside our control.
New Normal
Digital Painting
Gualbertsan SualThis digital manipulation is inspired by the things happening now. “Kasalukuyan” means the period of time now occurring.
Since a lot of bad things are now happening. A lot of people are just tired and wants to close their eyes and just continue while letting themselves unaware of the surrounding. It helps them to continue without the fear of negative thoughts now.
Digital Manipulation

What do you think of viewing art in a virtual walkthrough?

Mabuhay, Manila.

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