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Black Adam catches The Rock in a really hard place

I had high hopes for DC after the likes of Wonder Woman and Shazam but Black Adam took a turn for the worst.

It’s meant to be dark, yes. I get it. The title said so. However, laced with poor storytelling, the problematic third act, and, let’s be honest, were all of those plot hole ladden macguffins really necessary? Black Adam is just an underdeveloped and overstuffed 2 hour sit-down of CGI porn.

This is DC’s take on a super-violent, all powerful anti-hero that struggles to find himself in almost 2 hours of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as Thet Adam or Black Adam,  just literally killing people left and right.

It seems that this production learned nothing from literally a decade of superhero movies telling them what not to do and does it anyway.

It would have probably been forgiven if the storyline was polished or at least provided more than a one-dimensional main character and a skewed cast of supporting characters that barely did anything for the movie apart from becoming punching bags for the main “hero” and the main “villain.” 

Black Adam over-indulges to the point where most of it could have been cut from the editing bay and it would have made a better movie than what was released. It’s filled with underdeveloped characters, spending much of their time explaining themselves but not really giving much for the audience to go on; and an excessive number of the characters flying in and out of the frame to the point where it’s half-baked debate of what it means to be a hero is lost in all the noise.

The first half spent so much time on exposition that after the nth one, the movie did not know where to go or spend even a fraction of the 2 hour runtime to flesh out some of the characters or, at least, sit down to get a sense of where Black Adam stands as the anti-hero.

Black Adam failed to provide anything meaningful to its supporting characters, that, if they were taken away, would have hopefully provided some semblance of character development for everyone else left in the editing bay. 

I don’t know how and why Black Adam gets the greenlight to not see Shazam as the rival considering how they literally have the same activation word and instead jumps to Superman.

The movie sets up things for the future better than what it has now. 

Overall, the movie spent 1.5 hours with exposition, CGI and a boy on a skateboard; some 20 minutes of dialogue and 10 minutes for the third act.

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