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The Genius Behind the RC Cola Ad

It may come as a shock to the senses, cognitive dissonance, even, as to what were the people behind RC Cola thinking allowing the agency involved to go, basically nuts on creating their latest ad. 

What transpires is a straightforward dilemma of a child questioning whether or not he was adopted as he was being teased in school. In a bold attempt to subvert expectations the ad goes full nuts and shows how the child undresses to show 4 glasses attached to his back. As if to further the claim, the mom unhinges her head to reveal she is an RC Cola person? Yes, I know I lost you there, we’re all lost here.

Don’t get me wrong, the ad is bonkers beyond understanding. But therein lies the genius of the release, the timing, as well as the overall concept: that RC Cola, can and will never be able to compete with Coca-Cola and Pepsi, specially come Christmas season when and where everyone can and will be expecting a Christmas ad from these powerhouses. 

We are all familiar with the traditional, classic Christmas releases of both Coca Cola and Pepsi at this point it’s a habit. We are all aware, also, that these ads will entail millions upon millions of pesos with integration of the same ad concept fleshed-out in social media form, campaign ads, creatives, on-ground campaigns, out-of-home experiences, among so many others that will keep entailing more and more pesos injected into the campaign.

What’s a smaller, more humble company to do? Disrupt and create the most buzz in the most absurd, most ridiculous manner: make people stop and go “huh?” 

And it shows, across social media, that people are talking about it. Some are confused beyond understanding as to what they just saw; some still, specially those that understand how to market a product efficiently and effectively without the need to spend so much on media. 

Here are some examples:

It’s organically shared, questioned, and praised constantly, consistent across differing levels of understanding. 

RC Cola and the agency behind were banking on Filipino ingenuity and humour to create a meme out of a slightly more expensive meme to send the message: 

That they are still alive and kicking despite the pandemic, that they are an institution and are here to stay, to their salient point that they literally spent for the concept and production of something that would come across that they’re out of their minds to even approve the ad in the first place.

It’s so absurdly ridiculous that it works on so many levels. It’s so absurd, in fact, RC Cola themselves didn’t even bother giving a proper title and just resigned to the fact: “Basta RC Cola!” (RC Cola, period!)

What did you think of the RC Cola ad? 

Let us know at the comments below or on Twitter @metroexmakina

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