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With hope, a first-world Philippines

Perhaps it was out of sheer frustration at the current state of the country, perhaps it was just wishful thinking, but a group “where we pretend that the Philippines is a first-world country” popped-up in calling for the universe to make it happen for all of us.

Here, members post as if we all had first-world problems, ideally, complete with 100% healthcare for all, bullet trains, zero waste, and that the country is a model for everyone else to follow.

“We’re employing the law of attraction here, forcing the universe to heed our call for a first-world Philippines, kasi why the hell not naman, diba? Kahit next year make this happen na, willing to wait naman,” (We’re employing the law of attraction here, forcing the universe to heed our call for a first-world Philippines, because why the hell not, right? Even make this happen next year, we’re all willing to wait.) the group owner said after a quick chat.

Meanwhile a member posted: “This group was necessary. Never thought fantasizing about a “working” Philippines could be so therapeutic. Whoever made this: salamat.”

What does a Filipino first, efficient and effective Philippines look like? We’ve all dreamed about having first word problems. Here’s your chance, at least, in make believe.

Here are some entries that would make you wish these were all too real: 

It’s heartwarming to see Filipinos still have hope during our trying times; even more so to see that we still all want the same things for our country and our countrymen. We want our bullet trains and PPop and PDramas that international audiences would enjoy. Even if it’s just in this group, it’s still a nice sentiment to know that our fellow Filipinos still want what’s best for this country.

In just the span of 24 hours, the group garnered 1000 members out of word of mouth and friend invites and, at of the time of writing, members are 1800 people strong.

“I actually spend more time in the group now compared to my real-life feed. Even the corny ones get my attention because it would really be nice to have everything the members post in our country right now,” a moderator commented.

The group was made private but anyone can still join after answering a few simple questions. If you’re out to look for something to lift your spirits, this might just be the group you’re looking for.

Needless to say the group administrators wish to remind everyone who joins to please refrain from posting anything real-world related as well as offensive materials such as discussing politics, religion, race, or ethnicity among other topics that may offend specially that of a minority.

What’s your wish for our first-world Philippines? Let us know at the comments section or join the group and share there.

Mabuhay, Pilipinas.

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