Peenoise in 2023, how embarrassing


It was a little bit okay that fellow Filipinos started using the term “Peenoise” to indicate that a member of our team (assigned at random,) when we play League of Legends, was trash talking either his/her own team member or that of the enemy team.

Those people that would type to no end about how incompetent you are, how easy it is to win, how this person does not know what to do, thinking that kills are the ultimate goal of the game, and so on and so forth. 

It’s a different matter, however, when foreigners are coining the same term to indicate how petty and shallow Filipino players are, it borders on offensive and a touch racist, to be honest. 

In case some context is needed, in the game of League of Legends, a team of 5, with assigned roles, goes against skill, strategy, individual mechanics, and technical know-how to try and overcome the same number of enemies in the other team. All-in-all, each team is given a level playing field at every start of the game with only their knowledge of the arena and their chosen champions as their advantage. 

It is needed, also, to understand, that the beginner, on a technicality, has just as much an opportunity to overcome a seasoned player given the right amount of knowledge and set of circumstances. However this gets more complicated if the player does not know what an enemy is capable of doing in the heat of the battle or of his options during such. 

I, myself, have been playing for over 4 years now. I have come to understand, more than most, the intricacies of the game. It also comes into play that I also understand that I will be matched with players that are not so good in the game. 

It is here that other players will start throwing shade, ridicule, insult, and berate those that have yet to understand the inner-workings of the game or of their enemies. Often times causing other players to either lose confidence or the ability to continue. 

It’s frustrating to lose. I know. No one wants to lose. However, to taint the game in a way that everyone in the Philippines almost half-expect that there be someone who will scold, criticize, and basically tell you that you are worthless will not allow for any growth in the game. 

Instead, why not teach, inform, and do what you can in the game? That way, in case you encounter the same player in the game, he or she would know what to do and do better in future. 

It’s not like we want to purposefully lose. It’s not like we want to die in the game, it’s just that the enemy team happens to be better at their chosen heroes against yours. 

Why not just do better, and keep doing better every game? You’ll be surprised at what simple words such as “that’s ok, just do your best” will get you.

IGN: ginuhit

GLHF. Mabuhay, Manila.


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