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Google Hacks: Google Keep

It’s been years since Google released this very unassuming application; yet I’m surprised to discover that many are still remotely unaware of its existence.

What I’m talking about, as the title suggests, is Google Keep.

Launched back in 2013, Google Keep is a note-taking app that enables everyone from the new to the seasoned note taker.

Think of it as a hyper-Post-It note complete with integration to the growing Google arsenal from shopping lists all the way to idea storage complete with reminders and Google calendar synchronization.

The note-taking feature will come standard across the entire experience.

Color-code your notes

There will be pre-sets for the pads for color-coordinating on specific notes or ideas, if you will; Group home notes in green, urgent notes in red, and casual ones in post-it yellow.

Check if off your checklists

A list function with checkboxes for easier management of shopping lists while on the go. Ticking a check box moves it away from the main list towards the done list below in gray. The same can be applied to tasks for a job or work to be done with sub-checklists available for smaller tasks under a project, for example.

Digital not (yet) your style?

If you’re not yet privy on typing down your notes, and if you’re stylus enabled, go ahead and jot down your thoughts in scribble form complete with options to draw in different colors and weights if you’re the type to sketch down an idea while on your way somewhere or your notebook happens to be a few rooms away.

Let your (virtual) secretary write it down for you

In case you’re one whose thoughts run faster than your fingers can keep up, Google’s speech to text engine is more than capable of transcribing anything you say (in straight English (both US and UK) into type-written words albeit lacking punctuations or proper thought structure by placing it in another paragraph, for example.

Google Keep won’t be complete, of course, without the options to add images to notes.

Reminders come integrated that syncs with Google Now allowing you to geo-tag a reminder from a preset location, time, date, or place. This feature comes in handy specially if you want to integrate reminders and calendar schedules across Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks.

An add a collaborator button lets you, well, add people into the notepad for real-time jotting down of important minutes or simply share your notes to someone else or the team.

A feature that many who are familiar to Keep don’t realize that there’s a hashtag feature to label specific notes into categories. Just add the # at the beginning and Keep will recognize the label and sort things out for you auto-magically.

Add photos in notes, draw on said photo in said note, send to friends, send to Google Docs (a separate article), or pin in to the top for your convenience.

As per standard Google affair, Google Keep is 100% free to use.

If you’ve used Keep before among other notetaking apps, what makes it different for you compared to Evernote or One Note, for example?

Simple, the other notetaking apps will need a subscription. This one’s free to use and allows integration within the entire Google ecosystem.

What’s your notetaking app? Do you still prefer the pen and the paper? Let me on Twitter @ginuhit or @metroexmakina,

Mabuhay, Pinas.

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