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To style your new wig or hairpiece use Revlon's lift comb.

SKU: RV6726
Collection: Accessories
Product Type: Accessory
Product Weight: 1.5 oz

Wig Lift Comb | CLOSEOUT

other,Type | SYNTHETIC HAIR   Reese PM | Synthetic Wig (Mono Part) other,Type | SYNTHETIC HAIR   Spumante | Power Pieces   Down Time by Raquel Welch | Synthetic Lace Front (Mono Top) other,SHOW-PERCENT-OFF   Impeccable by Revlon | Human Hair | Mono Top | CLEARANCE other,?Type | SYNTHETIC HEAT-FRIENDLY   Bon Bon by BelleTress | Synthetic Lace Front Wig other,Type | HUMAN HAIR   Bernice | Human Hair Lace Front Wig (Lace Part) other,Type | SYNTHETIC HAIR   Marita by Envy | Synthetic Wig (Mono Top) other,SHOW-PERCENT-OFF   Vogue by Henry Margu | CLEARANCE

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